hen the question comes to Bill Gates, his answer is « hobby ». The key of a successful life hides in the thing which you are interested in. When you open the drawer which contains hobby, you will find that all of the other achievements are lying in the drawer as well.

To maneuver past the snapshot phase – where we check out our snapshot one time and « file it away » never to get seen again – to getting photos that get others to exclaim « WOW »… We unquestionably have to take the camera off autopilot and begin controlling the blasted thing.

True the camera on its plain programmed settings can do a plausible job in straightforward, basic conditions, but there is a whole new, creative world out there that we are missing!

What do you think about succes?

In my opinion, hobby is the key of life. Only through devoting yourself to your hobbies and making an effort to pursue what you are fond of can you get success eventually. Then, you will gain wealth, happiness and popularity as well.

Hobby is the cornerstone of one’s life and is the essential element of success. Why do I say so? Let me explain it for you below.

What’s the best thing about your hobby?

First of all, when an individual is interested in something, he will be eager to try his best to understand something deeply since each person has curiosity. To get detailed information of something is the base of doing that thing well.

The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers-creative and holistic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.
Daniel Pink

What are you working right now?

To gain success needs continuous persistence, numerous efforts, a strong will to succeed and the spirit of never give up. Only when a person is interested in something can he has all of the qualities above.

As a consequence, never neglect the power and effect of interest. It is a potential power which is lying inside one’s heart and when one discover it and make good use of it, he will of course gain unbelievable force and faith to pursue his dreams, to achieve his own targets, to get his own wealth and success.

When you are working for a company and earning salary, the company considers your services very crucial to their success.

You get out of bed early every morning to catch a bus and be on your way to the office.

Do you make quick decisions?

After one gets the specified information about something which he is fond of, he will make an effort to do it. The individual who has hobby on something will have a strong motivation to achieve his dreams.

Last time I went on a bus

I think I started to enjoy the ride more than my seven year old son, who always got excited during the odd bus trip, especially if it was an open top bus and he would be ‘allowed upstairs’. Then my enjoyment started to fade as we had to actually stop to let some people get on. After using my own transport for so many years this was a nuisance.

They fumbled with their change and took ages to sort out a ticket. The time, the time, what are they doing? Off we went, when a kind driver eventually let us pull out. Ah yes the memories of busses was coming back to me.

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