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The discography of Josh Pyke, an Australian singer-songwriter, consists of five studio albums, seven extended plays, and eighteen singles. The Penja are a Muslim community found in the state of Punjab in India and the Punjab province of Pakistan. They are also known as Naddaf, and in Pakistan their preferred designation is Shaikh Mansoori.

The Penja like many communities in India have acquired their name from their traditional occupation. In the case of the Penja, they were and many still are cotton carders and produce a coarse thread. They are said to be by origin members of the Teli caste who formed an endogamous sub-group when they changed their occupation from oil pressing to cotton carding.

The Penja historically practiced the custom of clan exogamy. This practice has now been discontinued. Their larger clans referred to as biradarus include the Raunji, Dedan, Phapute, Jand, Harim, Sohatte, Ahre, Kamboh, Bedham, Male Hans, Behlim, Alimi, Bhatti, Chauhan, Panwar and Gill.

Like most artisan castes, the Penja have seen a decline in their traditional occupation of cotton carding. With the spread of mechanized textile mills, the demand for their traditional coarse thread has disappeared. Many are now employed as agricultural labourers, with animal husbandry being an important subsidiary occupation.

Seal in Red is the eleventh and final studio album by funk band Rufus, their debut on the Warner Bros. Records label, released in 1983. Seal in Red, which was the band’s third album to be recorded without Chaka Khan, peaked at #49 on Billboard’s R&B Albums chart and included the single « Take It to the Top » (US R&B #47)

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Despite featuring guest appearances from a host of other distinguished names in the R&B/Soul/Funk/Jazz genres like keyboardist George Duke, who also produced the album, singers Patti Austin and Ivan Neville, Chicago’s trombonist James Pankow, and saxophonist Ernie Watts, Seal in Red was only a moderate commercial success.

Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.
Philip Johnson

Album Singles Hibiscus Coast Busway Station is a bus station that is closely associated with Auckland’s Northern Busway in New Zealand. It is the northern terminus for services that run via the busway, but the busway lanes do not yet extend north to it.

Current management on San Bruno Mountain and in other areas focuses on reduced pesticide use, careful recreation management, and vegetation management. Several areas from which populations had been previously extirpated are also being targeted for revegetation and reintroduction of the butterfly.

The station, already operating as Silverdale Park and Ride, was opened to Northern Express busway services in 2015. It has shelters, electronic real-time information, and park and ride parking. It is a hub for bus services to Waiwera, Orewa, Gulf Harbour and Manly.

Auckland Transport began an expansion of the site on 20 March 2017 to increase parking from over 200 to 484 spaces, with another 127 planned. The next station southbound is Albany Busway Station. There are plans to extend the busway lanes to Albany Station and Hibiscus Coast Station from Constellation Station, and proposals to extend them further north to Orewa.